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Frameless Single Glazed Office Partitions: Product Sheet

Product Description

iWALL Frameless Single Glazed Office Partitions

Slim aluminium profiles create an elegant frameless office partitioning solution. Our unique aluminium dry-joint forms the bond between the sheets of glass. This product also retains the ability to be reconfigured to respond to changes in the workplace.

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Product Features

  • Minimal aluminium framework.
  • Designed and manufactured by iWALL in
    the UK.
  • Framework can be anodised or finished in any RAL/BS colour.
  • Frameless sliding or pivoting glass doors can
    be incorporated.
  • Framed glass or solid doors can be used for improved acoustic performance.
  • Can achieve from 36 - 40 Rw dB acoustic performance.
  • 10mm - 12mm toughened safety glass can
    be used.
  • 10.8mm - 12.8mm laminated safety glass can be used.
  • Unique aluminium dry-joint separates glass.
  • Deflection Head 10 - 16.8mm. (48KB)

Technical Specifications

Framing Components

Minimal channel to head and base extruded from aluminium composition 6063.

Glass Specification

One sheet of either 10mm or 12mm toughened safety glass or 10.8mm or 12.8mm laminated safety glass. Unique glazing gasket to secure glass.

Finish Specification

Can be anodised to AA15 or powder-coated in any RAL or BS colours

Door Specification

Sliding, Pivoting or Framed glass doors in 12mm toughened safety glass. Also available with framed 44mm solid doors.

Manifestation Options

Minimum DDA requirement to be fitted as standard. Other options are available on request.

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