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Door Solutions


i Wall has a very comprehensive range of door options to enhance whichever partition type has been selected, including fully automatic sliding doors, the latest in access controls and also curved glass doors.


Should an alternative concept be required then please contact the i Wall technical team as new solutions are always being developed.



Quick Reference Product Features


Door Frames


  • Fully compatible with all i Wall glazing, solid and workwall systems or installed independently.
  • Flexible design of door frame allows for doors to be handed or handing of doors to be changed when on site.
  • Several frame options available.
  • Able to accommodate the majority of ironmongery and access control options from the leading manufacturers. 
  • Framework can be anodised or painted in any RAL/BS colour.



  • Framed or frameless.
  • Pivot, self-closing or sliding operation.
  • Single glazed or double glazed.
  • Veneered, laminated, painted or aluminium framed glass doors.
  • Full height or with over-panel.
  • High level of acoustic performance.


Specialist Doors     

  • Access controlled doors.
  • Automatic sliding doors.
  • Curved glass sliding doors.

Door Solutions Performance

Timber Door + Drop Seal 33Rw dB
12mm Glass Door + Drop Seal 33Rw dB
Double Glazed Door + Drop Seal 41Rw dB

Technical Specifications

  • Aluminium Doorframe Components: 111mm x 38mm, extruded from aluminium composition 6063. Unique i Wall stainless steel hinge and strike plate
  • Powder Coated, Anodised and Sublimated Finishes: Options to suit customer choice or specification.
  • Toughened Safety Glass Doors: Incorporated within the partition including stainless steel fittings and ironmongery.
  • Manifestation Options: Minimum DDA requirements will be applied as standard. Client specific graphic schemes, designs and logos can also be included.
  • Solid Composition Doors: Veneered, laminated and painted options available.
  • Fire Rating: 30 / 0 fire resistance can be incorporated and has been independently tested in laboratory condition for integrity only, to BS476 part 22... 30 / 30 : 60 / 0 : 60 / 60 options are also available

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