• Try a transformable office with iWALL - 12/11/2010

    One of the biggest issues with flexible and temporary solutions, especially in the office is that they are often of much poorer quality and utility in comparison to more permanent options. However thanks to iWALL, flexible office partitioning solutions can be of both a high quality and functional nature.

    iWALL provide a wide range of solid partitions, that can either be bought in a fixed drywall form, or in iWALL's unique and revolutionary demountable partitions. The modern workspace and office often requires a solution that allows the available space to be fully utilised and fully mobile. iWALL's solid partitions adhere to these two qualities, whilst providing solid partitioning that can be used in both the short and the long term.

    The fixed drywall system can be installed as either full height, low height or curved, allowing the perfect feel and image for the office to be created, with the exact utility necessary. In scenarios where temporary and changeable office partitioning is needed and is key, iWALL's system of unique demountable and interchangeable partitioning comes to the fore.

    Solid partitions allow privacy in terms of sight and of sounds that other partitions may well not afford. iWALL's solid partitions can attain up to 52 Rw dB acoustic performance, meaning that audio privacy and exclusion is extremely impressive for a partition.

    To ensure that the installation and the interchanging of partitions is a simple and easy process, all of iWALL's solid partitions are factory finished to ensure that the fitting of any partitions is as intuitive and quick as possible.

    For those looking for an office partitioning solution solid partition walls are one of the most efficient and economical ways of dealing with an office space. Giving the freedom to completely expand and rework an office, anytime the modern environment calls for it.

    About iWALL: iWALL was established in 1996 to manufacture and supply office partitions to both UK and International markets. The Head Office and warehouse are based in Chippenham, Wiltshire and there are two showrooms in London.

    The iWALL management team has a background of more than 60 years expertise in the partitioning industry. This experience has been used to design the innovative iWALL re-locatable partition system. This stylish and flexible system is now widely used throughout the UK, Europe and other worldwide locations.

    Editor's Note: iWALL is represented by search engine optimisation agency, AppleJupp Media. Please direct all press queries to Rebecca Appleton Email: or call: 01623 600666.

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