• Reinventing the partition - 26/10/2010

    The partition has become an unwelcome fixture of the modern office, the very idea and concept of office partitions has become a parody of the workplace. This though is because of the idea and concept which springs into everyone's mind when the term office partitions, is used.

    It is an idea though that is outdated, thanks to leading office partitions company, iWALL. The firm's application of design aesthetics and functionality is transforming the humble partition beyond all recognition.

    Often as much of an essential as a desk or chair, office partioning is often overlooked at the design stage and then introduced later as a quick solution to space problems. Considering how to divide the space in any working environment is of great importance and the way that that division is made can impact upon productivity and morale.

    iWALL have set about reinventing the traditional idea of office partitioning, with products that are modern, stylish, demountable and re-locatable. Their innovative approach to room division encompasses a cornucopia of designs and finishes. Such flexibility is vital and extremely helpful to the modern workplace, where personnel and available floor space can change so often. iWALL's partitions ensure that your business is able to meet the physical demands of a modern world as well as the commercial ones.

    Glass partitioning is core to many of iWALL's products. Options such as the Frameless Single Glazed Office Partitions are perfect, giving a feeling of space and openness, whilst retaining the functionality of a partition. If things like acoustics are important in your workplace then iWALL also provide double glazed products. All solutions are also extremely customisable, with a choice of integrated blinds and solid doors for additional privacy.

    Perhaps the most unique aspect of iWALL's product line up is to the extent that they offer demountable partitioning. Able to be quickly moved and setup, the partitions allow you to create the workspace that you desire and that your business demands. Combine the glazed system with the workwall system and you have an instant, high end cellular office space.

    If you are thinking about redesigning your office, or are purchasing or moving into a new office space, iWALL's modern take on office partitions is perfectly suited to both the stylistic and practical needs of the 21st century.

    About iWALL: iWALL was established in 1996 to manufacture and supply office partitions to both UK and International markets. The Head Office and warehouse are based in Chippenham, Wiltshire and there are two showrooms in London.

    The iWALL management team has a background of more than 60 years expertise in the partitioning industry. This experience has been used to design the innovative iWALL re-locatable partition system. This stylish and flexible system is now widely used throughout the UK, Europe and other worldwide locations.

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