• Office Partitions - 09/02/2011

    When working in an office, noise can sometimes be a considerable distraction to a worker, ultimately resulting in the overall productive output of a workforce being lower than its potential. The installation of Office Partitioning can be a cost effective and efficient means of eliminating distractions which may affect a worker's productivity and because such partitions are available in a wide range of styles from glass partitioning to frameless glazing as well as demountable Solid partitioning, they can be easily incorporated into any office location without ruining the overall aesthetic.

    Glass partitions are extremely versatile and can almost be individually tailored to any requirements. For example, they are available in both single- and double glazed glass, with the option of having aluminium frames (which can be painted or anodised in any RAL/BS colour) or being frameless. Such partitions also have the option of incorporating framed glass or solid doors and can also use either toughened or laminated glass, both of which give the single and double glazed framed partitions a fire integrity rating of 30 minutes. Framed partitions made from single or double glazed glass are also fully demountable and can be easily relocated to correspond with any changes made in the workplace.

    Solid partitions are also cost effective ways of dividing any office space and come in a wide range of styles such as full height, low height and curved so as to meet any requirement and, just like the glass ones, these solid partitions have a 30 minute fire integrity rating. These dividers are factory finished, thereby allowing quick and easy installation as well as making it easy to dismount and relocate them elsewhere in the office if required. However, it is also possible to install permanent drywall partitions if a long-term partition is needed.

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