• Use Office Partitions to Make More of your Office Space - 30/09/2010

    When it comes to productivity and efficiency, it's impossible to exaggerate the importance of the working environment. Today's office spaces have a very different culture than they did in the past. Workplaces are more dynamic, fluid places with people coming and going and technology that is mobile and wireless.

    These days we all need to economise where possible, but the key to sustaining a healthy business is to do so wisely. Cutting costs in specified, targeted areas that will not compromise how well your organisation is functioning is of course the ideal scenario. Sound too good to be true? Perhaps not. Studies have shown that the average workspace has 20-30% of unused office space per day, meaning reconfiguration with demountable office partitions is a real possibility and can help put unused space to better use.

    The nature of the modern business world is not one in which people are sitting at the same desk all day everyday. This is why some forward looking companies across Europe have adopted a more flexible, less static model of workspace management, in which fewer people have fixed, designated work stations. If your team uses wireless and mobile technology, there is increased scope for doing this as well, with office partitions breaking up the space into more useful areas without necessitating a complete rewire.

    Working Environments
    Of course you wouldn't want to carry out major changes to your workspace that will undermine employee morale, so these decisions have to be taken with creating a happy, productive environment in mind. However, there are many ways in which you can redesign, or optimise your working areas.

    How you divide up the spaces in your workplace is naturally a key factor in how effectively it functions. Using flexible office partitioning systems such as those provided by iWALL means that you have a high level of control over the space you create. These excellent value office partitioning systems are designed to be easy to move and reconfigure should the shape or culture of your organisation change. The perfect match for a forward looking, dynamic organisation, iWALL office partitions are available in a great range of options in terms both of style and function.

    Glass and glazed partitions, frameless glazing, demountable partitions and all manner of work walls, these are systems that are designed with future growth and development in mind. Whatever the purpose of your organisation, and whatever culture you are seeking to promote within it, there's bound to be a partition style to suit.

    iWALL partitioning systems offer a way to effectively define the various areas within an office space in a clear, robust way, but are also easy to make changes to at any time. Your business will likely have to adapt to circumstances in a number of ways throughout its life, and your office spaces will also have to reflect this. These partitions create a contemporary workspace, the environment for a productive team to take your company forward and be ready for whatever's coming.

    If you're in any way unsure as to what would be best suited to your organisation and space, the iWALL team offer a superb level of guidance, giving you the advice to create the spaces your organisation needs to move things to the next level.

    About iWALL: iWALL was established in 1996 to manufacture and supply office partitions to both UK and International markets. The Head Office and warehouse are based in Chippenham, Wiltshire and there are two showrooms in London.

    The iWALL management team has a background of more than 60 years expertise in the partitioning industry. This experience has been used to design the innovative iWALL re-locatable partition system. This stylish and flexible system is now widely used throughout the UK, Europe and other worldwide locations.

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