• Get a lighter, brighter office environment with glass partitioning - 13/12/2010

    Various studies have shown that when people are exposed to more natural daylight, not only are they happier, but they are also healthier too. This is because natural sunlight, no matter how weak, has a positive effect on the brains chemistry that is responsible for mental health.

    Additionally, when people get enough daylight it improves their chances of getting a more restful night's sleep. Ensuring that people get enough good quality sleep helps to keep their immune systems healthy, helping them to fight off illnesses and disease.

    Because of the health benefits of getting enough daylight, there have been a multitude of campaigns launched to raise awareness of this. In doing so, campaigners are protesting for the government not to put the clocks back every autumn, as this means we miss out on valuable daylight hours.

    However, until this is agreed to by the government there are some measures you can make to ensure the mental wellbeing of you and your employees.

    As well as offering flexitime, which can help people to fit in outdoor exercise either before or after work, you could also consider changing the office environment using office partitioning, to let more natural light come in.

    In doing so, this can help to boost your employee’s mental wellbeing, meaning that they are happier and more productive all year round. It will also increase their chances of getting a good night’s rest, keeping their immune systems strong, so that they take less sick days- which is always good for business.

    Changing your office to make it a lighter brighter environment for your employees needn’t have to cost a fortune. At iWall, they have a range of temporary and permanent glass partitions which, unlike solid walls allow natural light to shine through the entirety of your office.

    Glass partitioning not only lets light flood into your office, but it can also help to keep office noise to a minimum, and delay the spread of fire should one start- proving to be an all round, functional piece of office equipment that no establishment should be without.

    About iWALL: iWALL was established in 1996 to manufacture and supply office partitions to both UK and International markets. The Head Office and warehouse are based in Chippenham, Wiltshire and there are two showrooms in London.

    The iWALLmanagement team has a background of more than 60 years expertise in the partitioning industry. This experience has been used to design the innovative iWALL.

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