• Taxable Benefits for Relocatable Partitioning

    The AIS (Association of Interior Specialists) Interiors Insight publication has featured a valuable article on the taxable benefits to relocatable partitioning.

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  • iWall and Acme Sales Group Team Up

    iWall are very enthusiastic to announce their latest venture with Acme Sales Group in New York who sells furniture and office partitions to the US market. iWALL have been supplying and installing stylish office partitions throughout the UK and Europe for more than 14 years.

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  • Producing Enough Space Using Office Partitions

    It's often best for everyone to divide up the space at the office utilizing office partitions. Thus giving lots of individuals his or her room in which to function, clear of disruptions from other co-workers and therefore brings about an improved general performance and increased well-being all round.

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  • Generating Space With Office Demountable Partitions

    It is actually sometimes helpful to everyone to split up the room within the office utilizing office partitions. This offers many individuals enough space in which to operate, totally free of potential distractions from other co-workers, and therefore translates into an even better performance and greater contentment all-round.

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  • Achieving Space Using Office Partitions - 18/04/2011

    It happens to often be a great thing for everyone to split up the rooms at your place of employment using office partitions. This supplies lots of people with their personal space in which to work, free from disturbances from other co-workers, and therefore leads to a better overall performance and greater contentment all-round.

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  • Creating Space By Use Of Office Partitions - 24/03/2011

    It's usually helpful to everyone to split up the space at your place of work using office partitions. This offers a lot of people their very own space where they can focus, free from disturbances from other co-workers, and so leads to an even better overall performance and greater contentment all-round.

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  • Getting space utilizing office partitions - 21/03/2011

    It's usually good for everyone to divide up the space in your office utilizing office partitions. Thus giving many people enough space to perform well, free from potential distractions from other co-workers, and thus translates into an even better general performance and increased well-being all of round.

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  • Effectiveness of Glass Partitions - 17/02/2011

    Glass partitions are used to break up the space in the work place to make small but spacious rooms. A large room can easily be divided up to make small areas which can be used as individual offices or private areas. There are many reasons why glass partitions are a very good option for partitioning .

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  • Office Partitions - 09/02/2011

    When working in an office, noise can sometimes be a considerable distraction to a worker, ultimately resulting in the overall productive output of a workforce being lower than its potential. The installation of Office Partitioning can be a cost effective and efficient means of eliminating distractions which may affect a worker's productivity.

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  • Glass Partitions Are Attractive Room Dividers - 03/02/2011

    Glass partitions are steadily becoming a highly popular option when it comes to dividing up office space. They are stylish, clean and light and fit in with both traditional and modern office environments. The other obvious alternative to glass partitions is hard wall partitions. For as number of reasons these hard wall partitions have declined in popularity.

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  • Creating space using office partitions - 21/01/2011

    It is often beneficial to everyone to divide up the space in the office using office partitions. This gives many people their own space in which to work, free from distractions from other co-workers, and so results in a better performance and greater happiness all round. By using office partitions, you can create smaller yet spacious room in which individuals can work.

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  • Office Partitions 2 - 14/01/2011

    Partitioning your office is an excellent way to use the space you have effectively. It is necessary in many work places, to create enclosed areas as private offices or to separate departments. Dividing up your office using glass partitions is for many reasons both practical and visually pleasing.

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  • Office Partitions 1 - 7/01/2011

    Office partitions are used when the office work space needs to be divided to create smaller spaces, which can become private offices, or different sectors of an office. Using partitions is the best way to divide an office space for a number of reasons, both practical and aesthetically.

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  • Planning Partitions - 10/01/2011

    Office partitions are used when the office work space needs to be divided to create smaller spaces, which can become private offices, or different sectors of an office. Using partitions is the best way to divide an office space for a number of reasons, both practical and aesthetically.

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  • Get a lighter, brighter office environment with glass partitioning - 13/12/2010

    Various studies have shown that when people are exposed to more natural daylight, not only are they happier, but they are also healthier too. This is because natural sunlight, no matter how weak, has a positive effect on the brains chemistry that is responsible for mental health. Additionally, when people get enough daylight it improves their chances of getting a more restful night's sleep.

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  • Breaking down barriers with iWALL - 7/12/2010

    The modern office has changed a lot, and so have modern management techniques, getting the best out of a workforce has evolved and changed a lot in recent years. In times gone by, a very top down and dictatorial style of management may have achieved results, but in the 21st Century, this is no longer the case. A flattening of hierarchy is essential to a successful and efficient business, as employees feel more equal and valued. Flexible and glass partitions from iWALL are perfect in helping achieve this.

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  • iWALL Wins Channel 4 Headquarters Office Partitions Tender - 24/11/2010

    iWALL has helped revolutionise the world of office partitions, taking a boring and mundane necessity of offices and transformed it into an attractive and very flexible asset. The quality of iWALL's product and service is well renowned and has most recently been recognised by the TV giant Channel 4, who has ordered installation of iWALL products for their headquarters in Westminster.

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  • iWALL, putting the customer first - 22/11/2010

    It can often be hard to find a company that provides the right product and also the right service. In times of economic hardship, it is often tempting for companies not to go that extra mile for their customers. In the construction industry, quality of service is essential, perhaps more than any other industry. Thankfully iWALL's revolutionary and excellent office partitioning solutions are matched with equally excellent service.

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  • Try a transformable office with iWALL - 12/11/2010

    One of the biggest issues with flexible and temporary solutions, especially in the office is that they are often of much poorer quality and utility in comparison to more permanent options. However thanks to iWALL, flexible office partitioning solutions can be of both a high quality and functional nature.

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  • Environmentally friendly offices - 3/11/2010

    With a growing concern over the future health of our planet, most of us are now willing to do what we can to try and ensure our carbon footprint is as small as possible. One place where this perhaps does not happen enough is in the workplace. iWALL the office partitioning specialists recognise their responsibility to the environment, meaning that any office installation will be extremely environmentally friendly.

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  • Reinventing the partition - 26/10/2010

    The partition has become an unwelcome fixture of the modern office, the very idea and concept of office partitions has become a parody of the workplace. This though is because of the idea and concept which springs into everyone's mind when the term office partitions, is used.

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  • Use Office Partitions to Make More of your Office Space - 30/09/2010

    When it comes to productivity and efficiency, it's impossible to exaggerate the importance of the working environment. Today's office spaces have a very different culture than they did in the past. Workplaces are more dynamic, fluid places with people coming and going and technology that is mobile and wireless.

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  • Office partitions for future growth - 18/08/2010

    When it comes to office partitioning, iWALL have a reputation that is simply unbeatable. The product range includes all manner of partitioning systems, from glass and glazed partitions to frameless glazing, demountable partitions and workwalls.

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  • Demountable Partitioning and Reusable Products from iWall- 15/07/2010

    When considering an office refurbishment, many directors, managers and in-house designers have to decide how an office will be decorated. As every company differs- so does the decor taste, and iWALL; specialists in office partitioning offer a handy, re-usable and environmentally friendly solution in the form of their demountable office partitioning.

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  • Keep Your Office Cheerful and Interchangeable with iWall- 29/06/2010

    Researchers have been proving time and time again how those who work within an indoor, office environment require regular changes to the surroundings in order to stay focus and comfortable. Though for most businesses and corporate companies, re-furbishing the office every two years can cut into any budget severely.

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  • Greener Office Partitioning from iWall - 22/06/2010

    iWALL stands alone as the office partitioning experts when it comes to incredible service teamed with quality, in-house manufactured products. What consumers should also know is that iWall holds an outstanding environmental policy throughout the entire company.

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  • Knock, Knock, Partitioning Doors from iWall - 14/06/2010

    However social your workplace may be, sometimes, privacy is essential for areas such as conference rooms and client consultation rooms. iWall, the UKs leading supplier of high quality glass partitioning offer a wide range of glass doors and door frames which can be installed easily and without compromising the surrounding decor.

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  • iWall: Beating the Competition when it comes to Partitions - 09/06/2010

    A happy, social working environment can have a huge impact on any business, the expert team at iWALL understand this completely and have recently beat off over one hundred competitors to receive the award for 'Partitioning: Over £100,000' for their outstanding service and quality products when they recently provided the office partitioning for Vodafone headquarters in London. Read more

  • Frameless and Seamless partitioning from iWall - 21/05/2010

    An office can be a dull place, especially with summer just around the corner; employees can lack morale and inspiration when the sun is shining outside, but not within the office. Office partitioning specialists iWall offer an ideal solution to brighten up any workplace; frameless partitioning! Read more

  • iWall Score in the Beautiful Game - 19/04/2010

    Established UK supplier of office partitioning and accessories; iWALL recently won an exciting and in demand contract to provide a selection of office partitioning and work walls for renowned English football club Arsenal. Read more

  • New Deflection Head from iWall - 09/03/2010

    Glass office partitioning looks sleek, stylish and professional, however safety concerns often override the desire to branch out into a more light affective, social office. Leading suppliers of office partitioning, iWALL not only provide incredible quality single framed office partitions; the company have recently launched a new addition to their already extensive catalogue; a single glazing deflection head. Read more

  • Creating the perfect office with iWall partitions - 02/03/2010

    Redecorating the office? Or perhaps are moving to a new location. Leading suppliers of office wall partitions iWALL are here to help create the perfect workplace ambience. The company offers a wide range of walls, office partitions and glass partitions to suit the needs of the office.
    But how do you select the perfect office partition system? There are a number of factors you need to consider before purchasing the partitions. Read more

  • Frameless glazing - the new office cool - 01/02/2010

    From creating an open and airy atmosphere to boosting worker morale - according to iWALL, frameless glazing is rapidly becoming the new office cool.
    The company specialises in office wall solutions, including the inventive, functional and design conscious glazed office partition. Read more

  • At the Office: Putting up walls to break down barriers - 07/01/2010

    We spend eight hours a day, five days a week together. Surely we deserve a little privacy? The solution, according to iWALL, leading provider of office partitions and frameless glazing, is obvious. With solutions that span glass partitions to demountable partitioningiWALL have put up walls to break down barriers, helping to revitalize the working environment. Read more

  • iWALL Launches New Double Glazed Door - 16/11/2009

    In the current economic climate, it may come as no surprise that businesses across the UK are limiting the range of products and services they offer, in a bid to keep cost down. However, iWALL, one of the UK's leading providers of office partitions, frameless glazing and glazed partitioning, has extended its' current catalogue, by adding a new double glazed door. Read more

  • Space Planning - iWALL's Guide for Start-Up's and Small Businesses - 02/11/2009

    As business start-ups recent months begin to see enough light at the end of the tunnel to be able to take an educated gamble on a new venture after the recent fragility of the economy, iWALL the market leaders in the provision of office partitions are offering start-ups invaluable advice on cutting costs and selecting the right office design to suit them... Read more

  • Another Satisfied Customer For iWall - 05/10/2009

    It is said that the best marketing for a company is a personal recommendation by an existing, satisfied customer. Never has this been truer than in the current difficult economic climate and so iWALL, the leading providers of office partitions were delighted with the feedback they received from completing one of their recent projects... Read more

  • iWALL Awarded RFU Contract

    iWALL are delighted to announce that they have been chosen to provide the office partitioning for the RFU's new offices at Twickenham. The whole iWALL team played roles in beating off stiff competition to win this high profile contract. The offices will consist of frameless single glazing and frameless glass doors.

    Do look out for further information on this project in the near future in our Case Studies section

  • Frameless Double Glazing

    iWALL have recently released a new frameless double glazed partitioning system. This solution has already been installed on a number of projects both in the UK and abroad. The system incorporates our unique aluminium dry-joint between the sheets of glass.

    View our Frameless Double Glazed Office Partitions

  • Global Partners

    iWALL is constantly looking for new business partners both in the UK and abroad. Please follow the link to our Global page to find out which contries we are currently looking to recruit new distribution partners.

    Our Global page

  • Joiners Shop

    iWALL have recently completed work at the joiners shop in Chatham Historic Docks, Kent. Our Vision Wall double glazed partitioning system was used for the office fronts. We also incorporated interstitial blinds for additional privacy to the offices.

    View the Joiners shop case study

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