• Effectiveness of Glass Partitions - 17/02/2011

    Glass partitions are used to break up the space in the work place to make small but spacious rooms. A large room can easily be divided up to make small areas which can be used as individual offices or private areas. There are many reasons why glass partitions are a very good option for partitioning.

    Glass partitions are fitted by mounting small channels onto a supportive wall and simply putting the partition in place. This means you have almost total freedom when deciding which areas you want to fit your partitions. Also because of this easy method of installing the partitions, you can divide up your work space in a very short space of time. If you were to build brick and plaster walls, this would involve taking up flooring, bringing in cement, plaster and paint, and would generally cause a lot of mess and disruption. It would also put the room out of use for a couple of weeks. These partitions are also movable, so you can change the layout of your office anytime you wish. Fireproof glass can be used to make these partitions, making them fire safe for use in most buildings.

    Glass partitions help create spacious and bright areas, as they are no more than 12mm thick, and being glass, they allow a large amount of natural light into the workplace. Trying to work in a cramped and dingy room can be very unpleasant, but bright and airy surrounding promote a better overall performance.

    It is advisable to have your glass partitions fitted by a professional company. This will ensure that health and safety standards are met, and that your partitions are properly installed. A professional company will be able to advise you on where to place your partitions, and on which partitions to choose to fit in with your office surroundings.

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