• Office partitions for future growth - 18/08/2010

    When it comes to office partitioning, iWALL have a reputation that is simply unbeatable. The product range includes all manner of partitioning systems, from glass and glazed partitions to frameless glazing, demountable partitions and workwalls.

    The partitioning systems offered by iWALL are designed as flexible, changeable but reliable and robust ways to get the best out of your available space, and to create the environment that your business needs to move forward.

    If you're unsure about how best to divide up your office space, the iWALL team are delighted to give you the benefit of their many years' experience in the business and advise you accordingly. iWALL demountable partitions are tailor made for whatever happens within your business in the future, and will adapt to changes in your personnel and organisation with ease.

    As well as performing their functions to an extremely high standard, iWALL partitions are created with an eye to the visual impact that all office furniture has. With an understated style, these partitions are designed to blend in and complement virtually any interior, creating a modern, contemporary space that comprises the ideal working environment and setting for business operations.

    These days no one knows what's going to happen in the future for any business sector, so companies need to learn to grow and adapt to changes in the market. This is exactly what iWALL office partitions are designed to facilitate in your workspaces.

    iWALL have consistently committed themselves to an extremely high level of customer service, as a host of satisfied and repeat customers testify. The ideal partitioning solution is one that is tailored specifically to your space and business needs. This is why iWALL pride themselves in offering advice within their design service, so that you get the best possible partitioning product for your investment.

    The company are also extremely dedicated to their environmental obligations. All of the production processes are carried out with the potential environmental impact in mind, and according to Environment Agency directives and guidelines. The iWALL environmental policy sets a seriously high benchmark for those operating within the industry, and means you as a customer can rest assured that you're working with an organisation that is not taking these issues lightly.

    Your business
    Creating the right office space to see your business flourish is of course a hugely important aspect of any company's operation. It's incredible how much difference an office space can make to how happy and productive your staff is. Sometimes it’s easy to take the seemingly simple things for granted when you're running a business, and to focus on getting things done on a day to day basis. However if you’re hoping your business will have a healthy future, you need to give it a healthy place in which to grow, and this starts with the physical space in which you operate.

    Having a workspace that promises to be as dynamic and organic as your business is means you have built the foundations for success.

    About iWALL: iWALL was established in 1996 to manufacture and supply office partitions to both UK and International markets. The Head Office and warehouse are based in Chippenham, Wiltshire with two London showrooms.

    The Management Team of iWALL has a background of more than 60 years expertise in the partitioning industry. This experience has been used to design the innovative iWALL re-locatable partition system. This stylish and flexible system is now widely used throughout the UK, Europe and other worldwide locations.

    iWALL has built up an enviable reputation in the partitioning market not only for their excellent product but also for their high level of service and advice given to both architects, main contractors and end users. Their professional and personal approach ensures that the customer is offered the right solution for their office environment.

    Editor's Note: iWALL is represented by search engine optimisation agency, AppleJupp. Please direct all press queries to Rebecca Appleton. Email: or call: 0800 094 9001.

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