• Glass Partitions Are Attractive Room Dividers - 03/02/2011

    Glass partitions are steadily becoming a highly popular option when it comes to dividing up office space. They are stylish, clean and light and fit in with both traditional and modern office environments. The other obvious alternative to glass partitions is hard wall partitions. For as number of reasons these hard wall partitions have declined in popularity.

    Hard wall partitions are obviously not see through, and a space with little natural light can very soon feel cramped, claustrophobic and dingy. Glass partitions let the maximum amount of natural light circulate in the office area, making the fresh bright atmosphere which is essential for good work performance.

    Glass partitions look clean and modern, and generally create a fashionable modern atmosphere in any office building. The partitions can be designed to fit in with the decor and colour scheme of your office. The partitions are popular with a great many designers, and the partitions themselves are advertised in London showrooms.

    Hard wall partitions are thicker and more solid than glass partitions, a fact that you might initially think is an advantage. On the contrary a thicker wall means that more space is used up resulting in smaller and more cramped areas. Glass partitions are no more than a couple of centimetres wide, so more spacious areas are a viable option.

    Erecting hard walls involves pulling up flooring, installing bricks and cement and plaster and a generally a lot of disruption whereas installing a glass partition takes very little time and creates no mess. Brackets are fixed onto the supporting walls and the partition is put in place. Your whole office can be neatly and stylishly divided in a few hours.

    Overall, glass partitions are the ideal option for anyone wishing to create a stylish ambience in their office with the minimum of hassle and fuss.

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